Nolwenn Le Ligné

State diploma of Rock-climbing and Canyoning

She literally fell in love with rock-climbing from a young age, and never stopped since then! “From my first trials on Fontainebleau’s blocks to Briançon’s cliffs, I grew up among mountains. After 10 years as a high-level athlete, I decided to leave the gyms and their resin walls to focus on my real passion: the Mountains.

Discovering new places, climbing cliffs all around the world, jumping in a torrent’s turquoise water, enjoying a sunset from a summit, these are the key elements of my daily life, both personal and now professional. I have now been sharing my passion for a decade in the Alps, in the Pyrenees or even in Corsica.

I would be most delighted to guide you through the wonders of the mineral and aquatic world that surrounds us.”


Sylvain Rechu

Soon-to-be guide and Ski instructor

Born and raised in Savoie, he was only 3 years old when he first started skiing, and never stopped riding since then.

“Early on I enrolled in La Norma’s sports club, where I developed my skills and did loads of competitions. Then, during my teenage years my dad introduced me to rock-climbing. From there my passion for Mountaineering never stopped growing. From my first multi-pitch routes to ice climbing, I became addicted to that environment and that priceless feeling of freedom. The need for climbing and discovering is something that never leaves me.

By the age of 20, I did my first expedition to Alaska for some steep slopes skiing and got infected by wanderlust. Since that day I keep training around the globe, where I get to do amazing encounters and have fulfilling experiences. My love for Mountains led me to enrol in ENSA (French National Skiing & Mountaineering School) in Chamonix, to train and become a professional Mountain guide.”